Thursday, June 15, 2006

Iran nukes

I was just reading a TAPPED post regarding high levels of Muslim support for Iran getting nuclear weapons and considered my own reservations on the topic.

I'm not scared of Iran getting the bomb in isolation. My fear is that Iran developing nuclear weapons is going to make the US use theirs.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The US is in a bit of a pickle.

Iran is pushing the envelope for 2 reasons: a) they believe that they need to become a local military power to ensure their own security in a region that's had centuries of Western meddling & b) they think that now is the best time to go ahead since there's realistically little chance of anyone stopping them.

The entire situation is, I believe, the fault of successive US governments. THe need to stabilise the current regime has been present since the overthrow of the Shah and, with heavy US involvment in the region and Israel having an unknown number of nukes, any sensible government would be enriching uranium full pelt ASAP. I mean, if China suddenly invaded New Zealand, Howard would be pulling the shit out of the ground and sticking it on rockets sooner than you could say "commodity boom". The big problem is, the US moved into Iraq but had no idea how to get from oppressive dictatorship to secular democracy. They didn't have one in the over that they prepared earlier and now thei entire military machine is bogged down policing anarchy. Iran ain't stupid, they know full well that Washington has disrupted the international alliance required to enforece sanctions and that their military is too stretched to go the whole hog next door.

In the 1930s, countries appeased Germany because they didn't want a massive, disruptive war. In 2006, countries are going to have to appease Iran to some point because we can't wage one who's outcome will be certain

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jessica Who?

The Sunday Times TV Guide (I was bored at work OK. Seriously, this sort of thing isn't my bag baby!) is running a cover story of their latest poll - to find the most annoying host on TV. Somehow, Jessica Rowe got number 1. What I want to know is, given that everyone watches Sunrise, how the fuck does anyone know who this chick is?

The rest of the top 5 look pretty much right. Daryl Summers is way too outdated to be allowed to live. The plug should've been pulled on him when it was pulled on Hey Hey. Bert is perenially villified in this kind of way but hey, at least he's funny. The Deal Or No Deal deserved to be much higher up the list if you ask me, bounding nincompoop that he is. The fifth loser escapes me but I hope it was the guy from the GMA replacement on Ten who thought placebos should be made available to the public since they work so well in clinical trials

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Day 1 - Work approximately 8 hours, spending 4 sitting around doing nothing. Go home, read the same 5 news sites, eat and go to bed
Day 2 - Work approximately 8 hours, spending 4 sitting around doing nothing. Go home, read the same 5 news sites, watch Desparate Housewives, eat and go to bed
Day 3 - Go to the gym, see boyfriend, watch dvds, go to a cafe and go to bed
Day 4 - See boyfriend, watch dvds, say bye to housemate as he goes out, go to bed
Day 5- Work approximately 8 hours, spending 4 sitting around doing nothing. Go home, read the same 5 news sites, eat and go to bed
Day 6 - Work approximately 8 hours, spending 4 sitting around doing nothing. Go home, read the same 5 news sites, eat and go to bed
Day 7 - Work approximately 8 hours, spending 4 sitting around doing nothing. Go home, read the same 5 news sites, eat and go to bed

I am totally in a rut.

Friday, June 09, 2006

p to s

OK, so here's the thing...

The last two nights my housemate has had half the staff of the club he went to the other night over and they've been engaged in quite the bender for about 36 hours. When I woke up yesterday morning and started talking to them, I started to feel really uncomfortable. Now, I've said on more than one occasion that I really don't like new people, a point I reiterated to both my housemate and his new friends. It occurs to me that this not be entirely true. I like new people fine, it's just I anticipate that they won't like me.

When I was a kid, my younger brother was always the one with the friends while I was the "smart one". This has clearly fucked the pair of us up in vastly different ways (I'll leave my thoughts on him for another post, this one's all about me). I can never remember a time that my brother & I were ever really friendly. In fact, most of our interaction has been characterised by my distaste for him and his railing against me. Maybe it's the fact that Mum always valued my academic skills far beyond any virtues he possesses, I don't know (ugh that sounds arrogant). Anyway, he always had lots of friends, whether at school or just from our street. I was always slightly odd - more insular than other kids (although not classically introverted), more mature with my speech but always eager to be accepted by those around me. My brother was much more able to connect with the kids around him than I was, making the juxtaposition between us more stark. Whenever he had friends around, I spent much of the time being ostracised - directly from him or by his manipulation of others. I guess my interactions with new people have always been coloured by those early experiences. I see myself as different to others and, rather than accepting my differences or using them to my advantage, I tend to close down in the company of others. I guess I expect people to dislike me so rather than be myself, I become a closed down version of myself. I click into 'safe mode' where I say nothing but bland generalisations - nothing to interest or offend. That sets me into a paranoia cycle and makes me just want to run and hide.

And yet, I crave the attention that comes with meeting new people. I'm too scared to be myself but I desperately want to make connections with others. What I was feeling last night was tinged with more than a hint of jealousy that my housemate was able to make friends like this, with only the tenuous initial connection of asking for a phone number.

The worst part is, last year I was able to do this. Last year, I felt energised, confident even that I would be accepted if I only talked to people. I felt that I could be active in making these connections rather than merely a passive entity sitting in the corner of a club. I think the energy absorption from finishing my degree, starting my new job and having lost lots of weight had washed from me the neuroses that prevent me making connections. Now, a year later I feel like an electron that's been pushed into a higher energy level but the essential instability of the situation has made it too transient to last. I feel like I've dropped back down into my ground mental state.

I am the saddest person in the world - mourning lost photons.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Ellenbrook is a suburb, not "a new town in the Swan Valley".

I am so bloody sick of these little pseudo-town centres popping up all over the place promising an apartment lifestyle, cafes, etc. This is a country with negative population growth if you don't count immigration. These little town are gonna fill with retiring baby boomers for the next 10 years before they all die away. If you want to live an inner city lifestyle, move into my neighboorhood and lets expand it's appeal to everyone. Come and add to the actual inner city for Christ's sake, we have an apartment and cafe lifestyle and Perth only has the population to sustain one proper population centre!

I hate suburbs

Rove if you want to, Rove around the world!

Rove McManus is exactly what's wrong with this country.

Rove started his career as a fairly average stand-up comedian but rapidly found a niche as a "celebrity interviewer" on Channel 31. His original show was apparently quite original as it was the kind of thing that could be pulled off with a low budget and almost convince itself that it's guests were interesting. Then he got a gig on Channel 9 with the original rove. I loved that show, particularly the integral nature of the so-called 'Kids On The Couch" - Corrine Grant, Dave O'Neill and Peter Helliar. They appeared in most segments as Rove's little gang, complementing the fact that Rove can't tell a joke, he can just ask questions with a silly voice. They had a series of running jokes for the aficianado (eg B-grade celebrity referances, the Etc-Etc dance, etc, etc) and, best of all, had lots of web-based audience participation (unique for the heady days of 1999).

Now what do we have? A marketing vehicle for whatever shill picture or dud pop star happens to be in the country or being forced down our throats by the corporate entertainment machine! All topped off by a name dropping midget and his retard sidekick. Polus whoever got kicked off whatever reality show is going this month on their "Farewell to my 15 minutes" tour of Network Ten. And this wins a gold logie - the acid kiss of TV watchers in suburbia everywhere. A unique format degenerates into a less-funny version of Graham Kennedy and Bert Newton (Rove's erstwhile hero).

What the?